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I found out a couple of days ago that DinoDirect accepts Bitcoin! They are a marketplace for Chinese manufactured goods of all sorts. If you’ve ever done any business on Alibaba or Aliexpress, that’s exactly what DinoDirect is but with a smaller selection. I have my eye on a puzzle toy from them, so if I actually buy it I’ll keep you updated on the progress!


Bitcoin Ticker Available On Bloomberg Terminal For Employees | TechCrunch

Bitcoin Ticker Available On Bloomberg Terminal For Employees | TechCrunch

This is exciting! Bloomberg terminals are now showing XBT for Bitcoin!

Link Domain Name Deal Domain Name Deal

CoinForest has a deal right now for a .co domain name registration at for half off. It looks like you will get a .co domain for one year for 0.17BTC.  The sale is on for another 49 hours.


My last post said Flattr might expand to use Bitcoin, and as of earlier last month they did!

FlattrBlog: Adding Bitcoin Support

Flattr might be looking at Bitcoin

According to a recent tweet by @Flattr, they are looking at the possibility of Bitcoin integration. Maybe soon Bitcoiners could Flattr others across the internet?

Bitmit isn’t shutting down!

According to Bitmit’s auction for itself, Bitmit has worked out their legal troubles and will no longer be shutting down! Everyone can continue to buy, auction, and sell their new and old stuff just as before!